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Violetta is an Argentine telenovela filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina and developed by Disney Channel Latin America and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and production company Pol-ka, debuted in its country of origin, Latin America and Italy on May 14, 2012. 

Violetta tells the story of a musically talented teenager (played by Argentine actress Martina Stoessel) who returns to her native Buenos Aires with her father, Germán, (played by Diego Ramos) after living in Europe for several years, navigating the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Each episode includes original musical numbers from diverse musical genres such as pop music and popular music.


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Martina Stoessel was chosen for the main role.

Following the success of Disney Channel retransmission of Argentine telenovelas such as Floricienta and Patito Feo and the positive results at competitor Nickelodeon initiative in co-producing Latin-American novelas, Disney decided to begin production on its first original telenovela. The show was to be produced in Argentina in collaboration with local production company Pol-Ka. The cast was formed by actors from across Hispanic America, Brazil, Spain and Italy.

Shooting began in September 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lasted for seven months. The series was co-produced by Disney Channel Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The series was filmed entirely in high definition at the Central Park Studios in Buenos Aires. On December 31, 2011, Disney Channel Latin America broadcast a New Year’s television special entitled Celebratón, where Martina Stoessel performed the song Tu Resplandor (Disney Princesses). Disney Channel announced that the series would premiere in 2012. The cast was first introduced on December 22, 2011. In March 2012, promos and adverts started airing.

In early April 2012, a music video for “En Mi Mundo”, sung by Martina Stoessel, was uploaded to Disney Channel Latin America website. Violetta finally premiered in Latin America and Italy on May 14, 2012. The cast visited Mexico City and Bogota and sung live on a Radio Disney event at Luna Park in Buenos Aires. On October 25, the last episode of the first season was aired. Between September and October, the show had its premiere in Brazil, France, Israel and Spain.

In November 1, 2012, shootings for the second season began. The second season started in Latin America in April, in Italy in June and in Spain in September. The complete cast visited Paris, Milan and Madrid for promotion at the end of June. The final scenes from the second season were shot in Spain.



Among the products spawned from the shows are an official magazine (available in Latin America, Italy and Spain), sticker album (available in France, Latin America, Italy and Spain), a series of books (available in Latin America, France, Spain and Italy) and trading cards (available in Italy and Argentina). DVDs were also released in Italy and Spain. There’s also a soundtrack album featuring the music from the show. The album has achieved 3x Platinum in Argentina, Platinum in Spain and Gold Certification in Chile and Brazil.

In June 2013, after three months of rehearsal, the musical with the complete cast made its debut at Teatro Gran Rex. Following the Cris Morena model, the cast played concerts daily during the Winter Vacation. Prior to the debut, all 60 presentations were already sold out with over 200.000 tickets sold.  After the season in Buenos Aires, the cast will tour across Argentina, Latin America and Europe. Besides the 60 concerts in Buenos Aires, the cast will also tour the rest of Argentina.

In October 2013, Diego Ramos announced a third season.  Production began in March 2014 for a July 28, 2014 premiere.  This will be the last season.




Martina Stoessel was chosen by casting.   The actor Diego Ramos was instead cast as the Violetta’s father by proposal and following an audition, sent to Europe, has been confirmed.  While actress Lodovica Comello, who plays Francesca, was attending school in Milan, her school’s principal informed the students that there would be an audition; she decided to participate.  Instead the actor Ruggero Pasquarelli was chosen by proposal.  For the second season castings were also held at the request of fans of the series in Milan, Naples and Rome.

It has been confirmed that most of the cast of the first season, except for the actors Rodrigo Velilla, Artur Logunov  and lead actor Pablo Espinosa will return for the second season.   It was also announced the inclusion of new characters played by Diego Domínguez who will play the new rival of León, Diego,  and then actors like Valeria Baroni, Xabiani Ponce De León, Paloma Sirvén, Gerardo Velázquez,  Carla Pandolfi and Valentina Frione. Bridgit Mendler made a cameo appearance in the second season.

For the third season there will be new characters played by Damien Lauretta, Macarena Miguel, Rodrigo Frampton, Florencia Ortiz and Nacho Gadano. The American pop rock band R5 made an appearance during an episode in the third season, playing their single Heart Made Up on You.



Season 1

Main article: Violetta (season 1)

Violetta Castillo is a teenage girl who is unaware of her very special talent for singing. She inherited this talent from her mom (Maria), a famous singer who died in a car accident. Germán (Diego Ramos), her dad, is a very successful man who travels a lot and loves his daughter, despite being strict and overprotective. Blinded by sadness, he decides to keep her past and her mother’s fate from Violetta, worried that she might follow in her footsteps. After the accident, they both moved to Madrid and he raised her alone, with hardly any contact with other children of her age. Germán is aware that Violetta is a very talented musician and he encourages her to take piano lessons but keeps her away from singing. Everything changes when they return to their homeland in Buenos Aires. There, Violetta starts taking piano lessons at ‘Studio 21’ (later On Beat Studio), a prestigious music school. She meets Angie (Maria Clara Alonso), her new teacher, governess, and secretly her aunt (sister of Violetta’s mother, unbeknownst to Germán) who helps her to realize her talent. Angie fears that if she tells Violetta or Germán the truth, Germán would take Violetta away to another country, where she could never see Violetta again. Violetta falls in love with Thomas (Pablo Espinosa) but Francesca (lodovica comello), her new best friend, already liked him. Ludmila (Mercedes Lambre), the richest and most arrogant girl Studio 21, also falls in love with Thomas, angering Leon (Jorge Blanco), her old boyfriend. Later, Ludmilla and Thomas start dating. Leon got furious and, to teach Ludmilla and Thomas a lession, he decides to date Violetta. Contrary to his plans, he begins falling in love with Violetta and she starts to fall in love with Leon, which irritates Thomas and Ludmila, who are just beginning to date. Germán is engaged to Jade (Florencia Benitez), an unintelligent woman who, though very ambitious, is callous and hates Violetta. Jade does everything to marry Germán because she loves him truly, but Matias, her older brother, wants her to marry Germán because of his money because he got broke. Violetta has never agreed with this and always argues with Jade. Later, Jade discovers that Violetta’s secretly studying music in Studio 21, and makes Machiavellian dealings with her: if she encourages Jade’s marriage to Germán, she won’t tell Violetta’s secret to Germán. In the end, Germán discovers that Violetta studies in the Studio and that Angie is actually her aunt and who always helped and covered for Violetta all along. Germán decides to take Violetta away, but thanks to Angie he understands the passion of Violetta at the last minute and decides to stay in Buenos Aires, allowing Violetta to continue at Studio 21. In the end Thomas goes back to Spain as he has the opportunity to make something of his music and Ludmila makes peace with everybody (leaving doubts as to whether she really was sorry). Leon promises himself to forget Violetta.


Season 2

In the second season, Violetta starts falling in love with Leon and he feels the same for her. They start to date, but Diego (Diego Domínguez), who is new at Studio 21, steals a kiss from Violetta. Ludmila continues to be an unkind and glamorous girl who does everything to get what she wants: she blackmailed Diego to pretend that he loves Violetta, telling him that if he will do that, she will tell him who is his father, who abandoned him. Marco does everything to date Francesca, who later starts falling in love with him. Camila and Broduey start the season fighting, but in time, Camila kisses Maxi, DJ gets to make Camila jealous with Sebas (Rock Bones) until they get together at the end. Naty, Ludmila’s best friend, and Maxi also split up at first, but come back in full force. Ludmila starts falling in love with Federico and get together at the end. Diego finds out that his father is Gregorio, a selfish teacher that works at the Studio. Diego is very mad at him, because he abandoned him when he was a child; at the end they make peace. Angie goes away to France, leaving Germán alone. Esmeralda is hired by Jade and Mathias to win Germán over and steal his money. However, on their wedding day, Jade reveals that Esmeralda is a scam. The two are arrested and Matías starts dating the deputy who arrested him, Marcela Parodi. Leon suspected Diego all along, and found proof that Diego and Ludmila were together to make Violetta sad and humiliated on her big performance when they were going to say that Diego never loved Violetta. Leon shows the footage of proof on his cellphone to Francesca, but Violetta overheard. Violetta started crying during her performance without any strength to sing. But, Leon got on stage and started singing “Podemos” with Violetta. Violetta and Leon got back together, and in the end, after all that passed, their love was stronger than ever.

Season 3

After closing with You Mix, the studio cast of On Beat went on a major world tour, which had been successful in Europe. Violetta and her friends had to return to Buenos Aires for their last year of school. With dreams and individual ambitions multiplied by fame, the group began to crumble, putting Studio On Beat in danger. Gery, who falls in love with Leon, and Clement (also known as Alex), who falls in love with Violetta, are introduced at the beginning of the season. Violetta and Ludmila were forced to share the same roof when Germán and Priscilla, mother of Ludmila, start dating and later get married. Violetta and Leon become separated, but still love each other, but Alex and Gery will do anything to keep them separate, since they are passionate, respectively, for Violetta and Leon. Marco went away, and Francesca and Diego fell in love with each other. But, Francesca was afraid of Violetta finding out (since Diego regretted what he did to Violetta during the previous season) and decided to keep their relationship secret. With the death of Anthony (the previous director of Studio 21), Pablo exits Studio On Beat at the end of You Mix sponsorship, the site slowly went bankrupt and it was up to Gregory, the new director, Angie (who returns in this season) and Bob, along with the help of Germán, save the studio. Ludmila starts to become a better person and when forced to choose between staying in the Studio On Beat or be a star, she chooses the Studio. In order to spy on Leon, Violetta and Francesca masqueraded as Roxy and Fausta, but Leon fell in love with Roxy, and Violetta was forced to tell him the truth. The series ended with Germán marrying Angie.


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Main cast

Character Actors / Voice actors
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Germán Castillo Diego Ramos (English dub: Geoffrey Chalmers)
Violetta Castillo Martina Stoessel (English dub: Cristina Valenzuela)
Tomás Heredia Pablo Espinosa (English dub: Lucien Dodge)
León Vargas Jorge Blanco (English dub: Sam Regal)
Ludmila Ferro Mercedes Lambre (English dub: Joie Marlowe)
Andrés Calixto Nicolás Garnier (English dub: Michael Chapman)
Natalia Vidal Alba Rico  (English dub: Christine Marie Cabanos)
Francesca Caviglia Lodovica Comello (English dub: Johanna Luis)
Camila Torres Candelaria Molfese (English dub: Cindy O’Conner)
Maximiliano “Maxi” Ponte Facundo Gambandé (English dub: Bryce Papenbrook)
Luca Caviglia Simone Lijoi (English dub: Grant George)
Broduey Samuel Nascimento (English dub: Chris Jai Alex) Samuel Nascimento (English dub: Marcus Griffith)
Napoleon Rodrigo Velilla (English dub: Johnny Yong Bosch)
Braco Artur Logunov (English dub: Michael Sinterniklaas)
Ángeles “Angie” Carrará Clara Alonso (English dub: Wendee Lee)
Jade LaFontaine Florencia Benítez (English dub: Erin Fitzgerald)
Matías LaFontaine Joaquín Berthold (English dub: Spike Spencer)
Olga Patricia Peña Mirta Wons (English dub: Jane Carroll)
Lisandro Ramallo Alfredo Allende (English dub: Dave Mallow)
Gregorio Casal Rodrigo Pedreira (English dub: Keith Silverstein)
Roberto “Beto” Benvenuto Pablo Sultani (English dub: Buba Kachow)
Pablo Galindo Ezequiel Rodríguez (English dub: Fred McDougall)
Antonio Jerez Alberto Fernández de Rosa (English dub: Joey Lotsko)
Diego Hernández Diego Domínguez (English dub: Tony Azzolino)
Marco Tavelli Xabiani Ponce De León (English dub: Bradley Gamble)
Lara Valeria Baroni (English dub: Sarah Anne Williams)
Esmeralda Di Pietro Carla Pandolfi (English dub: Karen Strassman)
Jacqueline “Jackie” Saenz Valentina Frione N/A
Federico Ruggero Pasquarelli (English dub: Todd Stone)
Gery Macarena Miguel (English dub: Erika Harlacher)
Clement Galan / Alexandre Benoit Damien Lauretta (English dub: Brian Beacock)
Priscila Ferro Florencia Ortiz (English dub: Anne Yatco)
Milton Vinicius Rodrigo Frampton (English dub: Martin Bilany)
Maroti Diego Alcalá (English dub: Matthew Mercer)
Nicolás Cortés Nacho Gadano















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