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Taylor Sportsplex

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The Taylor Sportsplex is a sports facility owned by and located in the City of Taylor, Michigan. The indoor facility contains four arenas that host a variety of sporting events — especially ice hockey and soccer — and a variety of special events.

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The Taylor Sportsplex is a premiere sports facility owned by the City of Taylor, Michigan. It contains four arenas — two are used primarily for ice hockey and figure skating; the other two are used primarily for indoor soccer. The Belle Tire Hockey Program and Eastern Michigan University are the main hockey tenants. The facility also is used for trade shows, high school graduation ceremonies, mixed martial arts and major sporting events, such as the national roller hockey championships.



In March 2012, the ice arena at the facility had to be evacuated due to over 80 people, including around 30 hockey players participating in the state midget major championships, became sick with flu-like symptoms. Investigators concluded the symptoms were caused by a norovirus and closed the facility for three days until it had undergone a professional cleaning.

In December 2015, a shooting took place in the arena. It left two people wounded and one killed.






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