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Helena Ranaldi Nogueira (born May 24, 1966 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian actress.







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At age ten, she already showed her artistic interest as an actress, playing the mother in the mirror.

Later, she started doing some modeling jobs and television commercials. That career took a more serious turn when she was ranked among the five finalists of Supermodel of the World – Step Brazil, 1989, sponsored by Class Modelos and Ford Models the U.S.A. (the first of that year was with model Adriana de Oliveira). With the money she earned, took a course in theater. Already 23 years, moved from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, in order to pursue her career.

In her first work, in 1990, she portrayed Stefânia in the novel A História de Ana Raio e Zé Trovão, although the former Rede Manchete. The following year, she acted in still another novel in the TV network, Amazônia, before moving to the rival Rede Globo.




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In 1992, already hired by Rede Globo, she played Nina in Despedida de Solteiro. A year later, during the recording of the soap opera Olho no Olho, she met director Ricardo Waddington, who she married. From this union was born the only son of the actress, Pedro.

In 1996, came to present the Fantástico alongside Pedro Bial, but the experience was short-lived because in July she received the invitation to act in the soap opera Anjo de Mim, directed by then-husband, emerging as one of the central characters.

In 2000, inicou a result of great work with the author Manoel Carlos, which were: Laços de Família (2000), such as veteran turrona Cíntia; Presença de Anita (2001) as Lúcia, Nando writer’s wife, played by José Mayer, who falls for this nymphet Anita, played by then newcomer Mel Lisboa, and Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003), such as Physical Education teacher Raquel, who becomes involved with a student of the college where she works, and also runs the ex-abusive husband, the author of several beatings by her.



In 2002 she was the protagonist of the novella Coração de Estudante, who lived in Clara and the young lawyer in 2004, participated in the miniseries Um Só Coração, as the Jewish Lídia, who lives an intense love and forbidden to Frederico.

In 2008, she portrayed a tormented Dedina, First Lady of Triunfo, the fictional town of A Favorita. Throughout the novel, her character ends up getting involved with the worker Damião (Malvino Salvador), best friend of her husband, mayor Elias.

In 2012 the actress played in the novel (Fina Estampa) Chiara Passarelli a cold woman, a model who left her husband Juan Guilherme (Carlos Casagrande) and son Fábio (Guilherme Leicam) and settled in Italy, but the character discovers that she has aneurysm and has a few days and then return to Brazil to spend “her Last Days” alongside her son and her ex-husband, but with the return of Chiara her ex-husband has her relationship with Letícia (Tania Khalill) shaken.  In 2014, the novelist returns partnership with Manoel Carlos, this time living pianist Verônica in the novel Em Família.





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